For the last two decades, Choi Wool-Ga has worked in Europe. being based in Paris, and in Asia, being based in Tokyo and Seoul, and in the North America, being based in New York. If his nomadic life and work had formed one axis of his art, the liquidity between overlapped images and texts would have formed the other axis of his art. Like the life itself, art is essentially a flowing movement, but in his art works, the liquidity itself is fixed in a uniquely sensuous way to be formed and thus, captured, understood and represented as an image having a specific shape. Flowing and fixing are intertwined and interwoven into a frame called ‘a form’ to be a more comprehensive and abstract image. And the repetitive expansion of such contents and forms are woven ultimately into huge contents and forms of life and art. Thus, life is art, and art is life after all. Of course, this story may sound ideal and woozy like a dream.
However, such dreamy story is about Choi Wool-Ga’s dream of art, desire and journey of art.

최울가는 지난 20여 년을 파리를 베이스로 해서 유럽, 동경과 서울을 베이스로 해서는 아시아, 그리고 뉴욕을 베이스로 북미 지역을 넘나들며 작업을 해왔다. 삶과 작업 장소의 이동이라는 유목성이 최울가 예술의 한 축이라고 한다면, 중복되는 이미지와 중첩적인 텍스트 사이의 유동성이 최울가 예술의 다른 축을 이룬다. 인생 그 자체처럼 예술도 본질적으로 흐르는 움직임 자체이지만, 유동성 그 자체가 특정한 감각적 방식으로 고정되어 형식화 되면서 하나의 구체적 형태를 가진 이미지로서 포착되고 이해되어 재현된다. 흐름과 고정이 내용과 형식이라는 틀로 짜이고 엮이면서 그 틀 자체가 다시 더 큰 흐름 속으로 흘러 들고, 더욱 더 포괄적이고 추상적인 이미지가 구성되면서 이러한 내용과 형식의 반복적 확장이 궁극적으로 인생과 예술을 하나의 거대한 내용과 형식으로 직조되어서 인생이 곧 예술이고, 예술이 곧 인생이 되는 것이다. 물론 꿈 같이 이상적이고 몽롱한 이야기다. 그러나 이 꿈같은 이야기가 최울가의 예술적 꿈이고, 야욕이며, 예술의 여정이다.

Ecole des Beaux Arts de Versailles, France
Ecole Boulle, National Decorative Art School, Paris, France

Selected Solo
Exhibitions2009 Gallery, Shirota, Tokyo, Japan
2005 Gallery Jean Art Center Exhibition, Seoul, Korea
2004 The Box Exhibition sponsored by KITA Gallery, Watakushi Museum of Art, Kyoto, Japan
2002 Exhibition of America experience, invited by Chicago Bank, Chicago, USA
2001 Invited by Gallery 220, New York, USA
1999 invited by New York Modern Art Gallery, New York, USA
1998 Exhibition at Gallery, Museum Kameke, Berlin, Germany
Invitation Exhibition at Reu_Dex Gallery, Kyoto, Japan
Invitation Exhibition at Kirin Plaza Art Museum, Osaka, Japan
1997 Invitation Exhibition Asahi Broadcasting &ABC Gallery, Osaka, Japan
1996 Invitation Exhibition at Gallery Saint Charles Rose, Paris, France
1993 Invitation Exhibition at Gallery Espace Keller 25, Paris and so on

Selected Group Exhibitions
2009 <Korea Tomorrow> SETEC, Seoul, Korea
2008 <Choi Wool Ga Robert Combas Dual Exbibition> Cheongdam gallery, Seoul Three Boxes, UNCgallery, Seoul, Korea
Gallery,Fernando,Alcolea ,Barcelona, Spain
2008,2007 <Art Export> New York, USA
<Taiwan Art Fair> Taipei
2007 <Miami International Art Fair> Miami
<Taiwan Art Fair> Taipei, Taiwan
<Seoul Three Boxes >UNCgallery, Seoul, Korea
2006-2007 <Shanghai International Art Fair>Shanghai, China
2005 <Newcollection> National,Modern Art Museum, Gwachun
<”Boxes” Exhibition>Wadakuchi museum, invited, Kyoto, Japan
<Interesting museum> Kyeognam Provincial Museum, invited
2004 <”Boxes” Exhibition> Wadakuchi Museum, invited, Kyoto, Japan
<The Boxes” Exhibition> star poets gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2003-2009 <KIAF> seoul, Korea
2001 <Koln Art Fair> Koln, Germany
2000 <Invitation (Limit of Primitive Expression)> gallery Modern Art, New York, USA
1998 <”A clock” exhibition> Kobe Contemporary Museum, Kobe
1997 <Art fair Fiac&Saga> Paris, France
<Good artist> Kyoto city museum, Kyoto, Japan