My working is the interest in the confront of the antinomies that can’t be coexistable each other, and the interest in the crack of life and reality. I study the problems of forms in the deterministic system of thought; especially I try to several the phenomena of control prevailing in the detailed parts of society through the processes of combination of recombination. Various feelings of joy and anger are to be produced surplus in the process of making relations with outer world. And the ‘surplus’ feeling s forces us to go into the vagrant fancies. Moreover the fancies make a false value combining with other people’s fancies. Vain truth make orders though the ordering system that compelling it, and confines people in it. I am taking out the buoying image within my brain, and that is why it is the story begun with the fancy of one personal brain. The conflict of value from different cultures produces admission, exclusion and a kind of variant, and the huge canvas is filled utmost with the images containing all these.

내 작업은 서로 공존할 수 없는 이율배반적인 것들의 충돌, 그것이 야기하는 삶과 실재의 균열에 대한 간심이다. 나는 결정론적 사고체제 안에 형식의 문제를 다루며, 특히 조합-재조합 과정을 통해 사회 구석구석에 만연해 있는 통제의 현상을 드러내고자 한다. 서로 다른문화에서의 가치충돌은 수용과 배타 그리고 일종의 변종을 생산하고 거대한 캔버스는 내 머리 속에 부유하는 인상-이미지들로 그 한계지점까지 채워진다.

2008 School of Hongik University, Seoul, Korea, Department of Painting
2005 Graduate School of Hongik University, Seoul, Korea, Department of Painting

Solo Exhibition
2008 <Brainwash>, loft-H, Seoul, Korea

Group Exhibition
2009 <Korea Tomorrow> SETEC, Seoul, Korea
<Playground> , Cais Gallery HK, Hong Kong
<『IYAP 2008: Interalia Young Artist Promotion』> Interalia, Seoul, Korea
<Weird Identity>, Lotte Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea
<18 masterpieces> / nefspace Gallery / Seoul, Korea
<BlueDot ASIA>, Seoul Art Center, Hangaram Museum, Seoul, Korea
2007 <6th Funny Sculpture & Funny Painting>, Gallery Sejul, Seoul, Korea
<Everything is nothing>, Museum of Contemporary Art, Hongik University, Seoul, Korea

2009 AAW Action ,Hongkong
2008 Love Charity Auction, Auction BYUL, Seoul, Korea

2009 GyeongGi Culture Foundation

Residence Program
2009 Studio H