World Photonics Expo GwangJu 2010
LIGHT FESTIVAL 2010.04.09 (Fri) – 13 (Tue), 2010

The beautiful and fantastic festival of sky night by lights fantasy.

The world-renowned light artis of Alain Guillot who will be performing the light show event on Sky night of Gwnaju by beautiful light!

Display of Lights
Famous streets and venerable buildings around Gwangju will be reborn as artwork thanks to beautiful lighting.

Lights decorate streets and buildings along with shows directed by the world-renowned artis Alain Guillot.

You don’t have to visit France Lyon to see the fantastic light festival held there on April.

Miguel Chevalier, Alexandre Kolinka, Laurent Francois, Felicie d’estienne d’orves, Koriakine

Lee Lee-Nam, Sohn Jang-Bok, Kim Hyung-Ki, Yoon Young-Hwa, Kim Gae-Hyun, Lee Gun-Hee, Sung Dong-Hun, Kim Jiana, Shim Seung-Wook, Kim Min-Hyung