Curating the world

As if by meaningful coincidence, the sun set across the horizon exactly as it did many moons ago casting upward all his childhood desire born in brilliant blends of unimaginable light “Remember this,” began the mother’s parting words to her son,“in being, seek to be Humane and in Humility, approach the world with Hot enthusiasm. Achieve this balance and your journey will take you through a zone towards happiness eternal.” The twilight sat behind them calling for sleep to dream, yet he was already further past the waking point than ever were dreams.

“The Hzone Dialogue”

We are an international contemporary Asian art curatorial company representing some of the hottest up and coming talent worldwide. At Hzone we believe there are no boundaries when it comes to creativity. Our global reach spans across four continents and engages countless local artists in the Hzone Dialogue. Through our public and private exhibitions we aim to curate our artists’ work in a manner that nurtures an intelligent appreciation for art as more than simply a luxury commodity, but as experience For this purpose, Hzone offers both artist and researcher in residence programs, as it remains our passion to affect the world through both creative words and visions. We currently operate in several cluster markets including Seoul, Beijing, New York and London with plans for expansion into Dubai, Hong Kong and other locations. Hzone – Curating the World


Lee DaeHyung, Seoul (Founder/Director)

Lee Daehyung has been a leading curator for Korean Eye since its inception in 2008. Based in Seoul, he has been promoting Korean and Asian artists locally as well as in London, New York, Beijing and Hong Kong for the past 11 years. He was the Director of the Asia-Pacific Development Society at Columbia University in 2007 and the author of the essay ‘Convergence’ in an official book publication ‘Korean Beauty’ for the G20 Seoul Summit in 2010. His curatorial projects include BlueDot-Asia in 2008, Korean Eye: Moon Generation in 2009 (Saatchi Gallery & Phillips de Pury), Korean Eye: Fantastic Ordinary in 2010 (Saatchi Gallery), and Hyundai Card MoMA Curatorial Exchange Program in 2011. Currently he is running Hzone, HnH Creative, and Happy Foundation.

Candice Kay Lee, London

Candice is the London representative for Hzone where she helps curate and facilitate the running of local public and private exhibitions as well as serving as an Hzone writer in residence. Her academic and fictional writings concentrate on the educative role of contemporary art in formal and non-formal learning contexts and representations of postmodern pan-Asian identity in Korean contemporary art whilst experimenting with other artistic narrative frameworks that engage with important social and political dialogues of our day. Candice is completing a DPhil in Education at the University of Oxford.