Namhee Park completed bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in art at Hongik University. Park has been working in exhibition planning and art criticism within academic practice, and she is continuing her research and experiment on the interactive network of art and society. She is practicing various creative strategy and convergence in artistic perspectives throughout society from low-tech to high-tech. She has been discussing art theory and exhibition planning with students for more than 15 years both in Hongik University and Seoul National University of Science and Technology. Park has been the exhibition director of the 2013 Cheongju International Craft Biennale, the director of Art&Creative Technology festival in 2018/2019, the artistic director of the 2019 International Symposium on Electronic Art, and the head of Asia Culture Institute in National Asia Culture Center. For her master's thesis, she wrote "A Study on the Problem of the Sublime in the Visual Arts - J.-F. Lyotard's Theory on the Postmodern Sublime" and for her doctoral thesis, she wrote " Issues of the Socio-historical Interpretation in Art - Interpretation of inter-dependency as Imputation and Circle".Park is currently serving as a research professor in MR Media Arttech Center at Hongik University.