Nasan Tur is a Berlin based artist who works in different media, with photography, installation, sculpture and video. In his partly interactive works, he analyses social norms and behavioural patterns, which he observes primarily in metropolitan areas. His artistic practice focuses onthe tension between self-responsible action and inaction. He examines existing power structures and questions them. The limits of communication and the uncertain or fragile nature of perception are further driving forces behind his practice and many of the situations he creates.

Nasan Tur studied at the Academy of Art and Design Offenbach and Academy of Art St├Ądelschule Frankfurt. He participated in documenta14, at the 10. Istanbul Biennale and at the 6. Taipei Biennale and exhibited in numerous institutions like Palais de Tokyo, Centre Pompidou , Schirn Kunsthalle, Hamburger Bahnhof,St├Ądel Museum, Frankfurt.