Sera Jung Is the founder and director of the Korean video art archive platform TheStream ( She oversees editing the publication of TheStream, which specializes in Korean video art and offer deeper analysis of the works of artists being introduced in online platform. Jung has been organizing regular video art screening since 2015. She mainly plans exhibitions and writes by focusing on the possibility of critical expansion along public archive research of video art and moving images. Her recent works include the video art planning series, such as Video Portrait (2017), Video Landscape (2018), Video/Spectrum/Dance (2019), Video Portrait at the Korean Pavilion in French video art OVNi Festival (2018), Video Landscape (2019). Jung also served as a committee member of the Asian Video Art and Experimental Film Archive of Cultural Information Center at Asian Cultural Center (ACC) in 2015. She was also part of advisory committee for UNESCO Media Arts Creative City by Gwangju Cultural Foundation in 2018 and worked as an editor of AliceOn, a media art and culture channel. She also contributed as a co-author to art criticism books, such as THE MEDIUM (2013), The Great Games (2015), Media Kit for Changing Daily Life (2016), THE STREAM (2016) and Video Portrait (2017).