Somi Sim is an independent curator, art critic and researcher based in Seoul. Her curatorial practice explores across the interdisciplinary fields of contemporary art and urbanism with focus on architectural intervention. She formed an urban research collective, Re-tracing Buro, and has been working as an editor of quarterly journal of cultural theories, Culture/Science, since 2019. Her major exhibitions include: REAL-Real City (ARCO Art Center, 2019), Ring Ring Belt (Donuimun Open Creative Village, 2018), Against Architecture (SeMA, 2018), Order/Disorder (Post Territory Ujeongguk, 2017), Those except public, art and public art (Ddabok House, 2017), Micro City Lab (2016), Mobile Home Project (Songwon Art Center, 2014). Her research works include: Urban Restructuring and Art After the Pandemic (2020), Subtopia (2017), Urban Regeneration of Asian Mega-city (2015).

She also served as the artistic director of 2018 Gyeonggido Public Arts Project: Ring Ring Belt by Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation and received the 11th Lee Dong Seok Prize for Exhibition Planning in 2018.