Sungah Choo is an independent curator, writer, and a co-founder of online art subscription platform, BGA (Background Artworks). She pays attention to the world of the contemporary artists living in the same era by collaborating with them. She feels productive to implement it in the form of an exhibition, writing, or content in various ways. Her main interest is to create exhibitions by referring to literature and she enjoys the unexpected overlapping points that occur when intertwined with the artist's work. She wants to implement exhibitions in various branches through a continuous formal approach, such as what paintings and sculptures are known today that can be reinterpreted. Choo's works include The Whistler (2020), Dongwan Kook's solo exhibition (2020), Hyejin Cho's solo exhibition Shape, From the Side: Reading Documents (2019), Things: Sculptural Practice (2017), and Hee Joon Lee's solo exhibition Interior nor Exterior: Prototype (2016). She served as an exhibition coordinator in Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA) and assistant curator for Homo Faber: Craft in Contemporary Sculpture (2019) in Asia Culture Center (ACC)