Researcher/curator Yasmine Ostendorf founded and runs the Green Art Lab Alliance, a network of 45 cultural organisations in Europe, Latin America and Asia that is in pursuit of social and environmental justice. The alliance, that acts like a mycelium, is the fruit of over a decade of research she did across Asia, Latin America and Europe on artists proposing alternative ways of living and working – ways that ultimately shape more sustainable, interconnected and resilient communities. She has extensively worked on international cultural mobility programmes and on the topic of art and ecology, having worked for expert organisations such as Julie’s Bicycle (United Kingdom), Bamboo Curtain Studio (Taiwan), Cape Farewell (United Kingdom) and Trans Artists (Netherlands). She is the author of the series of guides “Creative Responses to Sustainability,” published by the Asia-Europe Foundation (Singapore) and the Ecologic Institute (Germany). She is a Fellow of the Salzburg Global Forum (Austria) and fellow of the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (Germany). She works as an associate curator for the refugio for art and research Valley of the Possible (Chile) and for C-Platform (China). Since 2017 she was appointed the Head of the Nature Research department at the Jan van Eyck Academie (Netherlands) and amongst other things initiated the Van Eyck Food Lab, the annual Food Art Film Festival and the Future Materials Bank.