Counterbalance: The Stone and the Mountain is the 2017 Venice Biennale Korean Pavilion exhibition organized by Art Director Lee Daehyung.

Stone and mountain, from the sub-title ‘The Stone and the Mountain’ has been perceived as two different entities in terms of scale and magnitude despite its same fundamentals. Like this misperception, we have witnessed the collapsing equilibrium between individuals and groups, Korea and Asia, and Asia and the world. The exhibition critically reviews modern Korean history and extends its criticism to issues in Asia and the world, and attempts to ‘counterbalance’ the violence of the 21st century through paradoxically criticizing recent world events and trends, such as the rise of right-wing populist movements and the general backlash against immigrants, revealing the loss of humanity.

Mr. K, Cody Choi and Lee Wan each represent one of three modern Korean generations. Their stories describe Korean identity in a global context and the politics of the distinguished identity. Cody Choi presented 10 works, including "Venetian Rhapsody”, a neon installation sculpture reminiscent of a casino in Las Vegas while Lee Wan presented a total of six works, which includes his new works " Proper Time" and "Mr. K and the Collection of Korean History."