Artistic director Lee Dae-hyung joined Hyundai Motor in 2013 and carried out various projects.

- 10 years through Tate Modern in England and Los Angeles County Art Museum in the U.S.Since 2015, the company has selected a writer or group each year to showcase innovative large-scale installation works.

- "MMCA Hyundai Motor Series" with the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Korea"In the 10 years since 2014, veteran writers such as bedclothes, Choi Jung-hwa, and Park Chan-kyung, who represent Korea, have donated up to 900 million won to the exhibition.

Bloomberg have produced a three-year program to explore the creative sources of 75 modern art writers."Brilliant Ides" describes the process of tracking the birth of great works and their creativity. He then moved on to the Bloomberg and the Brilliant Ides' follow-up program Art + Technology。

In addition, outside the museum, the purpose of "combining art with art" and the expansion of the living environment of the future art world are also to be emphasized.It aims to create an independent organization for the Hyundai Motor Arts Laboratory.