The Stone and the Mount are exhibitions at the Korea Pavilion of "2017 Venice Biennale" by art director Lee Dae-hyung.

"The Stone and the Mountain," the subtitle of the exhibition, were eventually the same, but it was considered to be a completely different thing depending on its size. We have seen the balance of collapse in our personal and collective relationships, Korea and Asia, Asia, and the world. From this perspective, the exhibition criticizes Korea's modern history and extends it to Asia and the world. In a small-to-large relationship, such as neo-isolationism in strong countries that cannot listen to minority opinion and tolerate immigration from weaker countries, he has in turn pointed to the growing violence of concern for "human" in the twenty-first century, seeking to restore the balance of collapse.

The exhibition features a multi-faceted functional relationship between the third generation of Mr. K., Cody Choi, and Lee Wan, which deals with the overall political science of Koreans and Koreans in the context of the world. Cody Choi has produced 10 works including 〈Venetian Rhapsody〉, a neon installation reminiscent of a casino in Las Vegas, while Lee Wan created his new works 〈Proper Time〉 and 〈Mr. K and Korean History Collection>, and a total of 6 works were presented.