WOMAD CODE: The Eye of Korean Women Artists is an exhibition held in Louis Vuitton, Espas, Hong Kong, organized by Lee Dae-hyung, art director, and participated by Kim Ji-eun and Lee Ji-yeon.

WOMADCODE proposes a concept that combines'Woman' and'Nomad', which means movement, that is not a conventional woman, but has changed according to the changes of modern society. In that it deals with the problems of the identity of women, which differ from the questions that the nomadic culture throws at the same time, it attempted to dismantle the system created by the European-centered, penis-centered, and rational-centered thinking systems. Participating writers Kim Ji-eun and Ji-yeon showed a work approached by changing their perception from gender inequality to treatment inequality. Through this, politics, history, and culture were criticized from various angles, and a new meaning was presented by illuminating political changes.