WOMAD CODE: The Eye of Korean Women Artists is an exhibition held in Louis Vuitton, Espas, Hong Kong, organized by Lee Daehyung, art director, and participated by Kim Ji-eun and Lee Ji-yeon.

WOMAD CODE proposes a concept that combines unconventional ‘woman’ of modern society with denotation of ‘nomad’ as movement. It attempts to dismantle European-centered, penis-centered, and rational-centered thinking systems by tackling issues concerning changed identity of women and also raises questions on current nomadic culture. Artists Jieun Kim and Jiyeon Lee present works reflecting their changed perception from power inequality that existed between men and women to the inequality of treatment that exists in modern society. Themes such as: political issues, history and cultural events are reflected upon their works. Their criticism and postmodern thoughts shed light to political changes and propose new meanings to such issues.