Organized by Art Director Daehyung Lee with a purpose to connect contemporary art curators from Korea and from abroad to generate a network for research; Korea Research Fellow: 10 x 10 is an international event that has been held annually from 2018 to 2021.

2021 Korea Research Fellow 10×10: ME Culture / WE Society

(Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Korea, Oct. 6. - 16. 2021)


Over the years, Korea Research Fellow: 10×10 continued to provide a platform for exchange and research between 10 globally acknowledged curators and 10 exceptionally talented artists, allowing them to progress together through communication on mutual concerns on topics such as "Art & Technology," "Asian Visual Culture and Art," "Diverse Sites of Modern Art," and "ME Culture / WE Society.”

In 2021, Korea Research Fellow pays attention to the diverse worldviews presented by curators and artists from Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and Korea under the theme of "ME Culture / WE Society." These six countries are not grouped together by any political, economic, cultural, ethnic, religious, or community classification. Instead, the countries are to be seen as spaces in which different political, economic, and cultural contexts intersect each other on the basis of the regional commonality of Asia. This forum, leaving behind the pre-modern legacy of male-centered authority and submission as well as pre-conceived notions of collectivism and exclusionism as ‘Asian values’, is to envision solidarity of tolerance and inclusion that can connect diverse values with genuine individualism that is not subjugated in any form. We hope for a new dimension of ‘Asian values’ where solidarity and individualism coexist.


Organized by Korean Culture and Information Service