Special Exhibition of Outstanding Galleries 2022, titled Dialogue, is a project presented as a part of a report on the achievements of the Grant for Artist Management program sponsored by the Korea Arts Management Service. The objective of the program, which launched in 2019, is to continuously support creative activities of visual artists and establish an environment of virtuous circulation for galleries through which they can discover and promote promising artists. Every year, the Grant for Artist Management program presents works of select artists through the Special Exhibition of Outstanding Galleries, which is an extension of the program.

Dialogue (2022.10.12 - 11.09)


Dialogue is the third exhibition presented by the Grant for Artist Management program. This year’s exhibition overcomes the physical limitations of past exhibitions held amidst the pandemic and focuses on the individual stories of 17 artists through the organic communication between artists, galleries, curators, and collectors, rather than presenting a single artistic discourse. Through paired artist-curator interviews, we ensured that the philosophy of each artist reaches the audience more clearly. Curators participating in this project include Taehyun Kwon, Sun A Moon, Jaeho Shim, Annette Doms, Jinsang Yoo, Sunghui Lee, Sookhyun Cho, and Sungah Choo. Daehyung Lee, Artistic Director of Dialogue, interviews directors of the nine named galleries to shed light on their visions and philosophies as well as discuss future strategies to strengthen global competitiveness.


Participating Galleries & Artists

art B project l Changuk Bak 

BHAK l Bo Kim, ‘G-sim’ Seyeon, JIHI 

Gallery Sklo l Namdoo Kim 

GALLERY2 l Suyeon Kim, Gunwoo Shin, Sojung Lee 

galllerychosun l SangHoon Ahn, Jeoung-Ju Jeong 

KIDARI GALLERY l Hyung-gil Choi 

LEE & BAE l Sangsun Bae, Woolim Lee 

LEEHWAIK GALLERY l Meeyoung Kim, Doojin Ahn, Youngseok Cha 



Hosted by: Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism

Organized by: Korea Arts Management Service

Sponsored by: The Hyundai

Curated by: Hzone