2023 The 1st NCAR Study Tour in Korea


Hzone, in collaboration with NCAR (National Center for Art Research), operated the 1st NCAR Study Tour targeting curators and researchers both domestically and internationally. The program focuses on building continuous networks between national museums and art experts, exploring mutual intellectual exchange, and the possibilities for future cooperation and joint research.

NCAR is an independent administrative agency in Japan, established in 2023 as part of the National Museum of Art. It forms networks with other museums affiliated with the National Museum of Art, as well as with various people across society, including international museums and research institutions. By constructing a platform for the international dissemination of art promotion and information, NCAR aims for sustainable development. Leading the continual advancement of art, it seeks to enhance the societal value of art. Its goals are realized through initiatives like policy research on Japan's art and cultural promotion, editing and presenting domestic and international information, promoting the use of art collections, building human networks, and expanding educational programs, all contributing to the overall enhancement of the national museum's activities.

In 2023, study tour specifically targets South Korea as the area of research, promoting ongoing communication between Japan and South Korea in the field of art. The program includes visits to museums and art institutions featuring contemporary art exhibitions, guided tours tailored to the preferences of participants led by South Korean curators, and opportunities for participants to present their views and exchange ideas.


Hosted/Organized by: NCAR

Curated/Operated by: Hzone