DIALOGUE: Mind Map, a Special Exhibition of Outstanding Galleries 2023, showcases 13 promising Korean contemporary artists selected through the Grant for Artist Management program. This exhibition marks its 4th anniversary this year and was planned as a non-linear response to numerous linear analyses and projections discussing the crisis and opportunities of Korean art in light of the international trend in which Korean contemporary art is gaining attention. There have been a variety of interpretations of the quantitative expansion of the Korean contemporary art market at present, resulting from the arrival of mega art fairs and the influx of international galleries. DIALOGUE: Mind Map focuses on the method of visualizing data that supports such diverse interpretations. 

Dialogue: Mind Map (2023.08.12 - 11.09)


DIALOGUE: Mind Map utilizes the visual characteristics and structural elements of “mind maps” to observe the artists’ artistic spheres. Byun Sanghwan, Choi Euncheol, Choi Hyesook, Jeong Zik Seong, Jo Jong Sung, Kim Gemini, Lee Fi Jae, Lee Jungmin, Min SungHong, Park Ju Ae, Rhee Donghoon, Shin Junmin, Yang Jung Hwa participate in the exhibition and showcase more than 80 pieces of their paintings, media, sculptures, and installation works. Additionally, as a tool for exploring the world of their art, “mind maps” written by the participating artists are placed together in the exhibition. These maps disclose the artists’ inner narratives, detailing their artistic inspirations, interests, and personal reflections. The audience can thus navigate the intricate networks and ties concealed within the artists’ ideation processes and artistic domains in a non-linear manner. This approach fosters a deeper understanding of transcending mere data enumeration and affords the opportunity to perceive the artists’ universe through a more multi-layered lens. This exhibition is intended to work as a number of interpretations that explore the individual stories of each participating artist through the use of a visual tool called a mind map, as well as allow the viewer to gain a deeper understanding of their artistic philosophy. 


Participating Galleries & Artists

Art Space 3 l Lee Fi Jae

Art Space Purl l Shin Junmin

drawingRoom l Yang Jung Hwa

GALLERY2 l Park Ju Ae

Gallerychosun l Min SungHong

Gallery Gwangmyeong/OneFifth l Choi Euncheol

Gallery O' NewWall l Kim Gemini

Gallery SP l Rhee Donghoon

Gallery Sklo l Choi Hyesook

G Gallery l Lee Jungmin

LEE & BAE l Jeong Zik Seong

SPACE SO l Byun Sanghwan

Johyun Gallery l Jo Jong Sung


Hosted by: Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
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Korea Arts Management Service
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