For some time, I have been fascinated with the idea of the collective whole: the idea that all things are comprised of collective parts. This idea can be seen everywhere. The mountains, water and wind together compose the earth, yet. The earth is just a part of the universe. This idea of parts forming the collective organism has always amazed me. Even our body is an organism that is collectively formed of thousands of cells, organs and several liters of blood. This idea is seen throughout every substance in the world. Everything exists by this principle. My work started with obsession of these ideas. And I have been discovering this theme in my work.

언제부터인가 나는 작업에서 사물의 부분이 전체를 이루는 과정에서 일어나는 이야기들에 관심을 기울이고 있었다. 내가 공상하는 것들은 무수한 별들의 집합체인 우주, 우리가 있는 지구, 지구를 구성하는 산과 물, 바람과 같이 작고 사소한 편린들이 모아져 하나의 거대한 유기체가 되어가는 과정이며, 나는 이런 것들의 집합이 이루어내는 광경에 매료되어 있었다. 어차피 우리의 신체도 무수한 세포로 시작해서 여러 기관과 몇 리터의 혈액과 수분으로 이루어진 집합적 유기체이며 세상 어떠한 물질도 모두 같은 구성원리를 가지며 이를 거부하는 것은 어디에도 없다. 이러한 관심 이상의 미적 집착에서 시작된 나의 작업은 개개의 무수한 물질들이 모여 이루어 내는 전체, 전체 속에 감추어진 부분이 주는 재미에서 작업의 테마를 발견해왔다.

2007 M.F.A. Fine Arts, School of Visual Arts – New York, New York, USA
2003 B.F.A. Sculpture Hong-Ik University, Seoul, Korea

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2009 <Another Landscape>, Amos Eno Gallery – in Dumbo, Brooklyn, New York, USA
2008 <New Landscape>, Art Space H, Seoul, Korea

Selected Group Exhibitions
2009 <Korea Tomorrow>SETEC , Seoul, Korea
<Nefs – ‘Art Furniture’>, Seoul, Korea
<Governors Island Art Fair (GIAF)>, New York, USA
2008 <‘2008 National Juried Show’>, Studio Montclair-Professional Visual Arts Organization,Montclair, New Jersey, USA
<Origin>, PAProjekt 30 April Exhibition, Fox Gallery at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadephia, USA
2007 < Thesis Show ‘All tomorrow’s Parties>, Visual Arts Gallery, New York, USA
<26th Annual Expo – Huntington>, b.j. spoke gallery, New York, USA
<15th Annual Juried Art Exhibition>, Korean Cultural Center of Los Angeles, LA, USA
<Visual Arts Gallery>, New York, USA
<LBCC – Garden City/Green Building Show>, Garden City, New York, USA.
<2007 Art Student Exhibition>, Ise Cultural Foundation, New York, USA
<MFA Road Show>, Boots Contemporary Art Space, St.Louis, Missouri, USA
2006 <Moment by Moment : Meditations of the Hand>, North Dakota Museum of Art, Grand Forks, North Dakota.
<Hun Gallery International 2006>, Hun Gallery, New York, USA
<CHANGELINGS>, Five Myles Gallery, Brooklyn, New York, USA
<SOCIAL LAYERS, FORMAL TIMES>, Visual Arts Gallery, New York, USA
2002 <Art University Students Interchanging Exhibition>, Hong-Ik University Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea.

‘2008 National Juried Show’ Second Place winner – Studio Montclair- Montclair, New Jersey
‘Juried Show’ Second Place winner – Fox Gallery at the University of Pennsylvania – ‘Origin’ – Philadephia, PA
‘Alumni Scholarships Awards’ winner – School of Visual Art, New York, New York.
’26th Annual Expo’ winner – b.j. spoke gallery – Huntington, New York.
‘Korean Cultural Center of Los Angeles’ winner – 15th Annual Juried Art Exhibition – L.A, California.
‘Hun Gallery International 2006′ winner – Hun Gallery, New York, New York.